the Geeks with dice players


kj weir (Dungeon Master)

KJ "The Comic Guy" Weir is, besides an 8 year podcasting veteran, executive producer for 7 of those 8 years, show host, creative director, social media director... oh wait, that's all just called being a podcaster!

Father of two, and tier 3 technical support for an analytical instrumentation company, KJ has been in marketing, technical publications, training and development, and technical support for over 25 years. A graphic designer by training, an educator by passion, and a writer/creator by chance. 

"Kate Monster" Kate W

KJ Weir's youngest daughter, Kate is new to the podcasting and gaming realm. This is her first true D&D campaign, and she has only played a handful of one-off games before this.

The Lady archer

Co-host on the Legends of the Panel Podcast, the lady Archer has been part of multiple podcasting projects for the last seven years.  

Mr Chulak

Co-Host and Co-Producer on Legends of the panel Podcast, Mr. Chulak has been podcasting for eight years, and has been part of numerous projects.